Humanitarian Charity Stages its first Extreme Weather Symposium.

UK humanitarian charity Operation Florian, supported by Gloucester Fire and Rescue Service is set to stage its first seminar focussing on extreme weather planning. The symposium brings together esteemed experts from across the globe to examine and debate recent national and international extreme weather events; and how emergency services, planners, healthcare professionals and local authorities can build best practice responses for each possible outcome.

Incidents caused by extreme weather challenge and test operational processes, requiring significant resources during and after the weather event. Extreme weather events are becoming more common and emergency responders must plan to better deal with these emergencies.

The two day conference on 9th and 10th September 2014 is held at Gloucestershire’s first interactive safety education centre – SkillZONE, Tuffley Lane, Gloucester, GL4 0AS. Sir Ken Knight, Ambassador for Operation Florian will open the conference where delegates will enjoy a range of real life case studies and presentations from speakers Russell Sandbach – Crew Member, Clipper Round the World Yacht Race. ACFO Robert Scott – Scottish Fire and Rescue Service presents ‘Burning Scotland’ focussing on the unprecedented number of wildfires across the rugged Scottish landscape. DCFO Geoff Sallis – Gloucester Fire and Rescue Service will present alongside Professor D Catherwood and Dr G Edgar from University of Gloucester ‘Fire alarm or false alarm’ and ACFO Steve Owen-Hughes will present on the recent floods in Surrey. The final agenda will be shortly released.

An expert panel presents delegates with the opportunity to pose questions in a Q and A session, a drinks reception and evening dinner at Hatton Court Hotel, Gloucester provides informal mingling and further discussions. Refreshments and meals are provided throughout the conference and guests can also enjoy viewing an event exhibition followed by a tour around the SkillZONE safety centre.

This unique event brings together the most experienced and respected experts to share their experiences and provide valuable knowledge on the lessons learnt from their involvement in these extreme situations.

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